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I Am Carina And I Speak For The Books!

I am Carina, and I speak for the books! I read books because I love to and I write reviews because I need to place my thoughts in "paper". My reviews are honest. Usually not mean, but I can't make promises. Even when I don't like a book, I try to be as nice as possible. And when I love a book, I'm not going to lie, there might be some Fan Girling and Gushing.

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Fifty Shades Darker - E.L. James 3.5 to 4 stars I'm still in love.....Originally read from October 17th-21stI am so invested in this series! If the third book was out I would probably be reading it right now. There was a lot of change in the characters compared to book 1. Book one kept me in angst(in a good way) and, while this one didn't, it did give me some pretty huge shockers and WTF? moments.There was such a huge 180 turn in Christians character that I was surprised and caught off guard. I started to miss the tortured Fifty but as I kept reading along I started loving more and more the new loving, playful, Christian. Plus we get some big revelations about him and his relationship with Anna gets stronger as they give each other the trust they need.Now I just want book 3 to come out soon!