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I Am Carina And I Speak For The Books!

I am Carina, and I speak for the books! I read books because I love to and I write reviews because I need to place my thoughts in "paper". My reviews are honest. Usually not mean, but I can't make promises. Even when I don't like a book, I try to be as nice as possible. And when I love a book, I'm not going to lie, there might be some Fan Girling and Gushing.

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This Same Earth (Volume 2)
Elizabeth Hunter
Honor Student - Teresa Mummert I am a little disappointed. The book didn't go the way I had imagined.The characters where under-developed.The story was too rushed and unrealistic.The writing was choppy and 2 dimentional.Lots and LOTS of repetition. So why the hell am I going to read book 2? Pff, beats me!There was something in this book, that pulled me to keep reading.Maybe its because I see TONS of potential in the author. I can alredy taste the improvements that are to come in the next books.If this story would have been smothed out a bit. More detail in necessary places and cut out some unnecessary one's. Then it would have probably gone up at least another start for me.Anyways. I will move on to book 2, and soon. And I am very hopefull that it will be an improvement from this one.Besides, I already heard that White Trash Beautiful, is an amazing improvement in her writing. So I am hopeful with good reason!