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I Am Carina And I Speak For The Books!

I am Carina, and I speak for the books! I read books because I love to and I write reviews because I need to place my thoughts in "paper". My reviews are honest. Usually not mean, but I can't make promises. Even when I don't like a book, I try to be as nice as possible. And when I love a book, I'm not going to lie, there might be some Fan Girling and Gushing.

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Undeniable - Madeline Sheehan Oh man...what a fucking ride. I'm exausted. "Aside form going to prison every once in awhile, my father was a good dad and I'd never wanted for a thing."And this is the very begining.[b:Undeniable|16109563|Undeniable (Undeniable, #1)|Madeline Sheehan|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1351212390s/16109563.jpg|21882391] was a fucked up ride. And I enjoyed it quite a bit for the first half of the book.Whenever I read a book like this, I go into it with a mind set that THIS IS ONLY FICTION. That I am a mature woman, who does NOT try to interpret or replicate my reading into my real life. That I will NOT take these fucked up examples to excuse or persue relationships like these in my life. And this is how I have ended up enjoying most Tabboo or condemned stories like this one. And believe me, I have read some fucked up shit in the past. And I endured and found the first half of this book utterly entertaining.All the drama, the shit, the conflicts, the obstacles, it was all candy to my fucked-up-ness meter.But there is just so much my meter can take. And it NEVER STOPPED. I mean, nothing. Nada. It just kept coming and coming and...well you get my point.There was cheating. Is all good. There was murder. Is all good. There was sexual contact with a 16 year old. (You might want to strangle me after this statement, but...) Is all good. There was more cheating, more murders, more fucked-up-ness and even rape. And guess what? It. Was. All. Good.But once we got to the point where the was "supposed" to be a break and the couple was supposed to have a bit of happiness, what we got was more drama. More of the same and same and same. and more of worst and worst and worst crap that kept happening to the MC's. Because they had it coming? Because they deserved it? Yeah, possibly. But still, I could just not take anymore of it. I started fast reading and wishing the end would come sooner. Then we get to the 'happy place' in the book(more than 2/3 in to the book), and what happens? We get more drama there too! More cheating, more fucked-up-ness, more of the same.But I thought it would all change and be better once you guys were finally together like you always wanted to be?Like I said, I really enjoyed the first half. Even with all the shit happening. But I just got too much of it in this book. I might come back later on and raise the rating to a 3, if I start feeling differently. But I doubt it.Good fucked up read, to fill your drama-crazy meter for when you're in the mood.Nope, didn't happen.