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I Am Carina And I Speak For The Books!

I am Carina, and I speak for the books! I read books because I love to and I write reviews because I need to place my thoughts in "paper". My reviews are honest. Usually not mean, but I can't make promises. Even when I don't like a book, I try to be as nice as possible. And when I love a book, I'm not going to lie, there might be some Fan Girling and Gushing.

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Bloom - Elizabeth Scott 3.5 to 4 starsI wanted to hate this book...If the 3.5/4 star rating hasn't explained my statement,I don't. I liked this book very much. May be its beacuse Im biassed, cause I identify with the protagonist so much. (I went through almost the exact same thing in High School). But for whatever reason, I like the book.The book was predictable. I knew what was gonna happen from pretty much beggining to end(with a few exceptions). I should have hated Lauren for not dumping Dave from the very begginging of the book. She was obviously not in love with him, and only staying with him cause it was 'the right thing to do'. Then there's Evan. If she didn't break up with Dave in the beggining, then she should have done it when she realized she was attracted to Evan. When she found her self daydreaming about Evan and bored while kissing Dave. But she didn't. Then.... she should have done it as soon as she kissed Evan, or when she kept seeing him...and so on on so forth. Like I said, I wanted to hate the book and Lauren, but I couldn't help but sympathize with her. As much as I hated my self for it.The writting style I liked. It was simple and easy. I liked the characters and they're individual problems and ofcourse I liked the ending. Over all a good book, and it helps with my realistic fiction obssesion I have going on right now ;)