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I Am Carina And I Speak For The Books!

I am Carina, and I speak for the books! I read books because I love to and I write reviews because I need to place my thoughts in "paper". My reviews are honest. Usually not mean, but I can't make promises. Even when I don't like a book, I try to be as nice as possible. And when I love a book, I'm not going to lie, there might be some Fan Girling and Gushing.

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Wallbanger - Alice Clayton "STORY OF ME AND A BOOK..."[b:Wallbanger|15858248|Wallbanger|Alice Clayton|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1352205960s/15858248.jpg|21607771] was a very nice surprise.After realizing this was originaly Twilight Fanfic, my expectations of this book dropped completely. I've read my share of Twifanfic, and I think I've had enough.So I was bummed, since I had heard good things about this author and this book.Why did I pick it up then?Hmm, good question. Maybe luck, fate, destiny? Haha!The book I was currently reading was underwhelming me majortime. So I decided to look for something else to bring me back to reading life. Want to take a guess what I found? On the first page of my kindle? Starring at me with huge hopeful eyes???A BUG!Just kidding, haha!That's right, Wallbanger. I told my self, "Self, why not? It will at least help you kill some time and if it sucks, you aprreciate and like what you were reading more!"So I started Wallbanger, and the rest is history...no not really. But I WAS hoocked! The writing was fast paced and quite funny. There was no insta-love here, and I was very thankful for that. It was a relationship that went from 'Can't stand each other' to 'Let's be civil to each other' to 'Real good friends' to finally 'Ok I admit it, I like you. And I mean like you, like you'. It was entertaining and a bit facinating to read.But no, it wasn't all Sugar, Spice and everything nice. Wallbanger had it's flaws too.-The missing O.Dun dun dundun!This was mentioned soooo much and let me tell you, it got old quick. Yet we still have to read about it for the rest of the book.-The Internal Dialogues.These were, truthfully, sort of ridiculous. Reading what these people were thinking made me roll my eyes more than a few time. And it wasn't just the MC's. The side characters had some pretty stupid thoughts too. Very unbeliabable.-The last 14% of the book.That's right. Instead of making the last part of the book Le piece de resistance, it was the weakest part. It was waaay to perfect, to repetitive and wraped everything up way too nicely.Instead of geting to 86% and writing 14% more, the author should have writen 4% more an called it a day.Yes it seems like alot of complaints but overall, I really enjoyed this book.A very nice surprise after expecting it to suck from here to Mars. I will have to check out more books by this author.3.5 StarsCarina Approved.